Polycarbonate PC

Polycarbonate PC – is a thermoplastic polymer which belongs to polyester group(carbonate ester). Its characteristics resemble those of PMMA; for example transparency is nearly the same (91%). Nevertheless, polycarbonate has higher impact resistance, is harder and has compressive strength. That is why the material is more expensive than PMMA and designated for challenging orders. Polycarbonate can be delivered in two forms: solid or twinwall sheets. Thanks to PCs excellent characteristics such as high transparency, impact resistance and low weight the material is very often used in construction industry. Also, polycarbonate has a certificate in construction materials.


  • Light transparency
  • High resistance on weather conditions
  • High thermal resistance (40÷120°C), Fire resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Twinwall sheets – inflexibility and low weight
  • Low thermal conductivity


  • Roofing, fireflies, smoke
  • greenhouses, porches, winter garden
  • Decorative elements and stands’ constructions
  • Noise protection walls
  • Suspended ceilings, partition wall
  • Solar collector
  • Window carpentry
  • Carport/shelter
  • Car fairing, machine covers
  • Advertising displays


  • Solid sheets 2050×3050 mm
  • Twinwall sheets 2100×6000,7000, 12000, 13000 mm, 1250×6000, 7000, 12000, 13000 mm
  • For polycarbonate twinwall sheets we deliver some accessories: aluminium or polycarbonate profiles, vapour permeable tape, screws, washer, gasket, etc.


  • Solid sheets 0,75÷15 mm
  • Twinwall sheets 4÷50 mm (various twinwall


  • Solid sheets: colourless, opalescent (brown, gray, black – upon clients’
  • Twinwall sheets: colourless, opalescent brown, gray
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