Poly vinyl chloride PCV

Poly (vinyl chloride) known as PCV,, even though the correct abbreviation is PVC(PCW in Poland). This thermoplastic material is very often plasticised by (mainly) phthalates. Depending on the kind and amount of plasticisers or technology that was used to create PVC it has different characteristics and usages. In our offer we have foils and sheets of hard and foamed surface.


  • High resistance on weather conditions
  • Chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Fire resistance (ITB certificate)
  • Easy thermal and mechanic processing
  • Impact
  • Foamed sheets – low weight and inflexibility
  • Low thermal conductivity


  • Advertising boards
  • Decorative elements and stands’ constructions
  • Displays, agencies
  • Suspended ceilings, partition wall
  • Box letters
  • Window joinery


  • Hard 2000×1000 mm, 2440×1220 mm, 3050×1220 mm, 1500×3000 mm
  • Foamed 3050x1560mm, 3050×2050 mm, 2000×1000 mm, 2440×1220 mm, 3050×1220 mm, 3050×2020 mm
  • Foils 1400×1000 mm


  • Hard 0,9÷20 mm
  • Foamed 1÷19 mm (kolory 3 i 6 mm)
  • Foils 0,15÷0,8 mm


  •  Hard colourless, white, gray
  • Foamed white, various colours compare with a mould ( 3 and 6 mm)
  • Foils: colourless, white(gloss/gloss, gloss/texture, gloss/mat,
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