PMMA special

Polymethyl methacrylate – PMMA (Plexiglas, acrylite, pleksa) can be modified in many ways. That is why it can gain additional properties and it is available in different forms:


 Extruded plates.

  • Elit sheets – they are used for thin-walls coffers edgelightening. It transmits and scatters light which falls onto edges of a sheet.
  • HI sheets – impact-resistant transparent sheets which have excellent mechanic properties.
  • UVD sheets – pass ultraviolet light. Used in solariums.
  • Silver and gold mirrors – light, unbreakable, easy processing material, ideal solution for advertising and indoor decoration.
  • Prismatic sheet – light, fused surface.

Casted sheets

  • LED sheet system – opalescent, scattering LT=50%, used with colourful LED diodes. Ensures adequate and soft lighting. Diodes are UV resistant and have 10 years warranty for yellowness index, light transmitting and inflexibility.
  • Fluorescence sheets Fluo and Fluo Soft – sheets which have edgelightening.
  • Dual Satin sheets – duplex tarnished sheets, soft satined surface, the imitation of “the frozen glass”, scratch resistant.
  • Satin sheets – one-sided tarnished sheets. Mainly designed for advertising signs.
  • Black&White and Colour&White sheets – able to change colours after lightening.
  • Visio Sheets – one-sided or duplex, designed for screen projectors.
  • Essential sheets – sheets of high chemical resistance.
  • Metal&Pearl sheets – sheets which are imitating metal or nacre surface, perfect for advertising or interior decorations.
  • Boards – thickness from 25mm to 200mm, used for advertising and interior decorations.
  • SRD sheets – used as screens and acoustic barriers.
  • Airplane’s sheets – used in airplanes. They have the German warranty, which is necessary to be used in airplane’s industry.


Sheets measurements

  • Extruded sheets 2050×3050 mm
  • Castel sheets2030x3050 mm, 2040×2040 mm


Thickness and tolerance

  • Extruded sheets 1,5- 20 mm ± 10% (1-3 mm) i ± 5% (3-20 mm)
  • Castel sheets ± 0,4 mm ± 10%