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Plexiglass – producer

Plexi, or polymethacrylate (PMMA), is a modern material that is widely used in many areas of our lives – due to its properties. The material can be freely shaped, giving it various shapes, e.g. machine covers or POS stands. Plexiglass panes are also very popular. They are used, among others when creating unbreakable glazing for aircraft, one of the layers in the so-called safety glass or in anti-frames.

Plexiglas windows are distinguished by:

very good resistance to mechanical loads,
less fragility than glass,
less susceptibility to cracking, breaking, etc.,
Possibility of coloring in various colors – plexiglass can also be used for decorative purposes.

High quality plexiglass

If you need plexiglass, we invite you to cooperate with our company. Stanplex is a specialist in the production of Plexiglas components, including glass. We provide:

preparation of products in accordance with the technical specifications provided by the customer – no matter what type of PMMA glass you will need, we will make them,
excellent product quality – achieved thanks to an advanced machine park, experienced staff and strict quality control,
efficient and timely execution of the order.
You can get detailed information about our offer by contacting a Stanplex advisor. We invite you to cooperation!